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High-Poly 3D model.

File Units: cm


Based on the concept of a Bird inside the house.

Includes table, lamp and ceilng lamp versions.


Aproximate Dimensions (from photos):

Table Lamp
23 3/16" x 16 5/32" x 33 19/32"H
58.9cm x 41cm x 85.3cm H


Wall Lamp
19 1/8" x 24 13/16" x 13 15/16"H
48.56cm x 63cm x 35.4cm H


Ceiling Lamp
19 1/8" x 20 3/32" x 29 27/32"H
48.56cm x 51cm x 75.8cm H


Tags: suspension, lighting, railing, sconce, luel, rnd plus, tomt

Modern Bird Concept Lamp Set - 3d model

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