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High-Poly 3D model.

File Units: cm


Responding to the relaxed posture a sitter desires, This chair sought to support the seat, back, shoulders, and head in an organized way.


Set includes Ottoman and Decorative Cushion


*Add Color Correction Map to upholstery and adjust Hue to change colors if needed.
*Add Subdivision modifier to Obj model for better results.
*Subdivision friendly.
*Open Environment and Effects menu and change Hair rendering options from buffer to mr prim and mr Voxel resolution to 1 for proper fur rendering.
*Obj without Fur.




31.5" x 35.5" x 34.6"H
80cm x 90cm x 88cm H


17.3" x 24.8" x 15"H
44cm x 63cm x 38cm H


Tags: Knoll, Eero, Saarinen, seating, lounge, armchair, modern, minimalistic, moulded, wood, Modernica, Tetrimäki

Mid-Century Modern Armchair 3d model

  • Max + obj