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High-Poly 3D model.

File Units: cm


Produced originally in 1938. Winner of Copenhagen Cabinetmajers Guild Exhibition. This Armchair is beautifully petite, able to fit in all kind of spaces.


Includes displacement plush, hair and fur plush and fabric versions.


*Textures are interchangeable.
*Subdivision friendly.
*Add subdivision modifier to obj file if needed.
*Adjust displacment amount and pixel if needed.
*Includes native hair and fur version. Units and scale of the scene are important model was made in cm if you scale the model you may need to adjust the hair and fur properties.
*Open Environment and Effects menu and change Hair rendering options from buffer to mr prim and mr Voxel resolution to 1 for proper fur rendering.
*Obj without Fur.



32.6" x 31.8" x 29.5"H
83cm x 81cm x 75cm H


Tags: Armchair, and tradition, lounge, chair, Viggo, Boesen, wood, whool, &tradition, seating, plush, fur, petra

Little Winged Armchair 3d model

  • Max + obj