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High-Poly 3D model.

File Units: cm

8 Basic Art Series Books
1 Ai Wei Wei XXL Collectors Edition
1 Ai Wei Wei XXL Hard Cover
1 Alexander McQueen Hard Cover Edition by Abrams


*Some back covers are not completely accurate for lack of reference.
*All front covers and pages are 100% accurate.
*Adjust reflection map contrast for desired glossy effect (overall or stronger over black areas).
*Adj smooth modifier for scarf object in obj file




8.5" x 10.5" x 5/8"H
21.6cm x 26.7cm x 1.6cm H


Ai Wei Wei XXL Collectors Edition (aprox)
13" x 17.3" x 2.6"H
33cm x 44cm x 6.8cm H


Ai Wei Wei XXL Hard Cover (aprox)
9.8" x 13.2" x 2.1"H
25cm x 33.5cm x 5.3cm H


Alexande McQueen Hard Cover
9.7" x 12.3" x 1.25"H
24.8cm x 31.3cm x 3.2cm H



Tags: taschen, Botticelli, Breuer, Brücke, Bruegel, Calatrava, Caravagio, Chagall, Ai Wei Wei, McQueen, scarf

Book Collection Set 02 - 3d model

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